What exactly is
the hyperloot token?

The system utilizes Ethereum ERC20-based tokens with following conditions:



If you don't want to be charged trading fees, you will need to possess HLT (think of it as Binance token with a 100% discount).



It is required to issue crypto-assets and provide reserves that are used to guarantee asset quality.



HLT reserves are used for riskless clearing & settlement.



Integration of new liquidity providers requires reserves to fund smart contract relays.



HLT is the only way to purchase master node tokens (HLTM).



Voting using HLT is the main standard for protocol governance and development.

How does one receive tokens?

There are a few basic options:

Hyperloot dao participants

DAO pays for completed tasks using tokens with a follow-up vesting. Vesting is a basic condition for the developers to continue working with us instead of completing singular tasks.

Mining node owners

You can purchase the right to a certain amount of mining tokens (mining tokens are unique ERC721 standard). Overall daily mined reward is distributed evenly between all mining nodes.

Participate in Hyperloot marketing and bounties

Completing activities is rewarded with tokens.

Hyperloot fund grants

The fund will provide financing for selected developers. You can send us a request and we will make sure to review it.

Purchasing at an exchange

We are currently listing tokens, they will soon become available at selected exchanges.


What tokens do you have?

HyperLoot employs 2 types of tokens – ERC20 tokens for staking and transactions (or HLT tokens) and an ERC721 master node or mining tokens (or HLPTM tokens).

What is the value of your token?

The combined valuation of all HLT in circulation at any given time period consists of four major blocks:

First, the combined value of all HLT locked up, for the purchases of MasterNodes via HLTM master node token.
Second, the combined value of all HLT tokens staked for the purposes of in-game asset emission.
Third, the combined value of P2P clearing&settlement partners that may want to provide financial liquidity to the global P2P marketplace.
Fourth, the size of transactions that will take place on HyperLoot layer over Ethereum. These can be: (exchange, barter, loan, collateral, betting custody).

How do i get HLT tokens?

There are a few ways:

Receive them as a reward for participating in the DAO. It’s pretty simple – you do the work, you get the tokens as a payment. Every token you own is a part of the system, so you get a share in HyperLoot as a system developer.
Buy them on an exchange. We will be list on a few exchanges soon.
Buy HLTM tokens and join as a master node owner.
You can participate in the HyperLoot bounty campaign.
You can receive investment from HyperLoot fund.

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