Completing the excessive testing, Hyperloot will be able to work directly with the largest retailer - Amazon!

The digital asset market is booming. Regardless of the price changes on different crypto assets new users and players are entering the market. Esports teams, retailers and other platforms join the digital age creating demands for marketplace solutions. We are looking to open more opportunities for retail and corporate loyalty programs.

Alexander Vasilenka, CEO Hyperloot: “Retail and crypto markets are on the rise. This will give birth to new ways to sell and buy things. We are preparing a complete tokenization solution that will directly work with existing platforms. Imagine people earning loyalty program points at work and being able to exchange them for virtually anything, even a car or a house.”

We’ve already tokenized some goods. Mostly hardware like GPUs, making them cheaper and easier to sell. These tokens are burned when the ownership is transferred. This way you change a digital asset into a real one.

We are looking at a 2020 release date for the tokenization API. This API will create a direct path for Hyperloot to the retail platforms and help create new ways of employee engagement, customers retention and more.