Open Protocol Solution

Blockchain layer

Hyperloot utilizes Ethereum blockchain as a proven and reliable infrastructure.

Marketplace & betting

HyperLoot allows third parties to integrate with games that use our protocol for asset creation.

Protocol & client API

Smart contracts & HyperLoot SDK allows developers to create blockchain based in-game assets.

Games & apps

Any game with inventory can be integrated into HyperLoot Platfrom as a Service (PaaS).



Multiple assets, like in-game purchases, user accounts or discounts can be tokenized.



Trade and exchange any in-game asset! Hyperloot marketplace is used for price discovery.



New monetization and promotion model. Use eSport betting to exponentially grow and engage your community.

Built for gamers

Forever direct ownership of what you paid for. Open and accessible trading inside or between games. Connect, trade and profit with an all-gamer community.

With developers in mind

Easy and quick to adopt without changing your economy or code. Join DAO and attract investment to develop your game.

Get Started...


Join our Discord Community and learn how to create and traded in-game assets.


You can work with us publically or anonymously. Integrate your games or help us with development. Take a look at what we’re working on on Github.


Get MasterNode tokens, mine HLT, provide security and clearing to the HyperLoot network.


If you like to get involved, or simply like to support the team, there are handful of options at your disposal. Contact us!


DAO Hyperloot Open Protocol Solution

Hyperloot Open Protocol Solution - a tradeable token standard, built on Ethereum blockchain. Easily integrated and quickly scaled.


Hyperloot Bounty Campaign: How to join the community and get some shiny tokens

Off with the big news, everyone. Hyperloot is launching its bounty campaign. In case you lived under a crypto rock, just a few brief points about this project.


Hopes and dreams

Hey everyone, I'm Vasilisa, and I'm sure that you've all been dying to know what I'm up to these days :-) For those of you who don't know me, let me just say a few words about my background and where I'm at.


Bounty stage 1 completion

Good news everyone! Out bounty was a success! We've attracted signnificant attention to our core products and created a starter community to adopt them!


How to decentralised

I'm Alex and I'm an experienced blockchain enthusiast. I've been into game development for quite a while and I'm very interested in further gamedev fostering.


Hyperloot - the ultimate tokenization model for in-game items

eSports is a rapidly growing industry with huge budgets and incredible opportunities. Hyperloot tools will help developers and publishers showcase their games to eSports viewers or run their own events. Hyperloot will also assist developers in integrating their solutions with the eSports ecosystem.


Advanced Features of the New Crypto Wallet - HyperLoot and POA Network Are Changing the Face of Blockchain Gaming

HyperLoot has partnered with POA Network to bring the new experience to gamers who use crypto wallets.


Layoffs on Christmas Eve. Blizzard tightens the belt instead of revving up with Hyperloot.

New lords, new laws. As Activision’s pressure grows, Blizzard bosses sell out ideals and leave their employees out in the cold. When will the era of slavery end?


Be a part of esports with Hyperloot

We've realeased the most exciting way to participate in esports! Pick your team, predict who wins and if they do - you are a winner as well. It's you chance to get a free GPU or other cool stuff!

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